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Shipping Meme
I made another one! This time with all my non-My Little Pony ships! Now you'll get to know the other shows I watch! Though really, there are just so many different ships that fit the categories, I might have to make another one in the future.

Shipping meme by LunarAutumn:…

Because It's Adorable (Wonder WomanxBatman ("Justice League" Cartoon)): While I'm down for BatmanxCatwoman too, the Justice League animated series just made this pairing seem so adorable that I wanted them to get together so badly as a kid, and I still do! I don't know what the whole Wonder WomanxSuperman thing is all about, since Superman has Lois Lane. Batman may have had other love interests, but Wonder Woman works for him as an equal in intelligence and strength (bravery-wise, not physically (Diana's got him beat there)).

Because It's Hot (Poison IvyxHarley Quinn ("Batman")): Okay, I've said before, I don't like using the word "hot" to describe a relationship, but this was the best ship I could think to fit this category. They are at least both gorgeous, and they get along great (even as villains). Poison Ivy also treats Harley better than Joker ever did, even if she's also a criminal.

Because It's Plausible (Sue EllenxBinky Barnes ("Arthur")): When I was a kid, I shipped these two before I even knew what a ship was. Sue Ellen's the only character on the show who had the gall to stand up to bully Binky, and that made him afraid of her. Over time, they became good friends, and Sue Ellen even acted as a conscience for Binky. And there were hints that he may have secretly liked her in a few episodes.

Because They're Alike (MeridaxMulan ("Once Upon a Time")): I don't know why with all the lesbian ships this show has been spewing out lately that they haven't done this yet! But Merida and Mulan are so much alike! They are both female fighters in a misogynistic society, which is why I'm glad they ended up friends in the show, with Mulan teaching Merida to sword fight and Merida reminding Mulan what she fights for. And it's possible considering Mulan has already been confirmed to like women on this show and Merida at this moment is undecided, but she has no desire for a husband at least.

Because They're Opposite (Helga PetakixArnold Shortman ("Hey Arnold!")): What is it about these two that just makes me go "D'AWWWWW?" The recent release of "The Jungle Movie" got me back into "Hey Arnold," and after all this time...I still ship it. Hega's obsession with Arnold may be...creepy at times, but given that she's a child from a broken home, I can sort of forgive her for that, and she's shown on many occasions that she cares for Arnold, possibly more than anything else! As for how Arnold feels about Helga...if you haven't seen "The Jungle Movie," see it!

Because It's Canon (AlicexRobin ("Once Upon a Time")): I could honestly put any canon ship in here, but I chose this one because it's very recent (and I mean the MOST recent episode of this show). Turns out Alice from Wonderland is in a relationship with Robin Hood's daughter (also named Robin). They had about five seconds of screen time, but it made me squeal! I can't wait to see more of this couple!

Because of Subtext (LapisxPeridot ("Steven Universe")): It's just so...cute! They are canonically friends and roommates, but there are many instances where their relationship resembles a marriage. They practically yearn for, try to make and then adopt a child (or pumpkin, but still). They also connect with being away from their home and getting used to this strange new planet together.

Because of Fanwork (BeetlejuicexLydia ("Beetlejuice" Cartoon)): Well, not so much fanwork, but fan talk. When I first saw the movie, I did not ship these two (it was just plain wrong). Then I discovered the animated series, which was vastly different from the movie, and I saw commenters on YouTube saying they wanted those two to get together, despite Lydia being a child in that series. It got me thinking. Beetlejuice is technically dead, so he's not going to get any older. Maybe one day in the future when Lydia is an adult, their friendship will change into something more (now that would be an interesting story).

BECAUSE I CAN! (Kara Danvers/SupergirlxLena Luthor ("Supergirl" TV Series)): Screw Mon-El. I always thought he was too selfish for Kara. Kara and Lena's developing friendship was MUCH more interesting to watch! And hey, if Kara's sister can like women, why not Kara? Why not Lena? THEY'RE TOO CUTE!
MLP: I Ship It
So in celebration of the new year, I'm closing it with a shipping meme! Can't believe I didn't try this type before. Here are some of my ships from "My Little Pony!"

Original Shipping Meme by LunarAutumn:…

Because It's Adorable (Tender TapsxApple Bloom): Admit it. They are just so cute!

Because it's Hot (???): Um...honestly, I had no idea what to put for this one. When I ship something, my mind doesn't least not initially. "Hot" is not really in my vocabulary when it comes to relationships.

Because It's Plausible (Sunset ShimmerxTwilight Sparkle): Whether it's Princess Twilight or Sci-Twi, Sunset shares a lot in common with Twilight, and they've been through a lot together. Plus there's lots of subtext!

Because They're Alike (Pinkie PiexCheese Sandwich): Who else would be able to keep up with Pinkie Pie's craziness?

Because They're Opposite (FluttershyxDiscord): If I could, I'd put these two in all the slots. I SHIP IT I SHIP IT I SHIP IT!

Because It's Canon (CadencexShining Armor; Pear ButterxBright Mac): Couldn't decide between the two, so I put them both up! They're both adorable!

Because of Subtext (LyraxBon-Bon): You can hear by the way they say "best friend." Hasbro's laying it on thick!

Because of Fanwork (Sweetie BellexButton Mash; DerpyxDoctor Whooves): Thank you "Button's Adventures" and "Doctor Whooves and Assistant!"

BECAUSE I CAN! (ApplejackxSpike): I don't care what you say. THESE TWO ARE MEANT TO BE! Though, to be clear, I ship them when Spike is older. I believe in time, he will get over his crush on Rarity and focus his attentions on someone who cares for him a lot more.
For my annual holiday song cover, I'm going to be singing "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and I need a thumbnail for the video. If any of you fan-artists want to draw me a thumbnail, it must include my pony OC (the orange pegasus in the blue hat) and must reference the Grinch in some way. Send me a link to the picture either through a note or in the comments below. The deadline is Christmas and I will choose the picture I think fits the cover the most!

Have fun drawing!

1. Season 5
2. Season 7
3. Season 4
4. Season 2
5. Season 6
6. Season 1
7. Season 3 (Even if one of my favorite episodes is in it (FLUTTERCORD!))

Have to admit, the top 3 were a pretty tough contest now that Season 7 has ended!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

For my annual holiday song cover, I'm going to be singing "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and I need a thumbnail for the video. If any of you fan-artists want to draw me a thumbnail, it must include my pony OC (the orange pegasus in the blue hat) and must reference the Grinch in some way. Send me a link to the picture either through a note or in the comments below. The deadline is Christmas and I will choose the picture I think fits the cover the most!

Have fun drawing!



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everyone brony and pegasister in the brony Analysis your more to blame then toon you known about his past actions for years and kept it hidden and let it aside but he harassed most of you before but you all shrug it off like it was no big deal it's not until he sexual roleplayed with a under age that the things clicked in your stupid skulls 

so your all to blame for keeping everything hidden for years until now

i hope you all are happy.
DisneyFanatic2364 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Clearly, you made this comment knowing nothing about this situation. I didn't know Toon personally, just by fame. The most we interacted was a hello at BronyCon. I'm not even a Brony analyst. Thus, I knew nothing about this and it shocked and disgusted me when I heard the news. And my friends who knew him a lot better than I did were even more shocked. None of us had either way of knowing.

The actions of an individual do not represent the actions of an entire group of people. History will tell you that.

So no, we're NOT happy.
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Nice job on the new chapter of CMC: the next generation. I wonder what’s gonna happen next. Take your time, though. I wonder if this is gonna be sort of like the Steven Universe “Sardonyx” arc with the fight between Garnet & Pearl?
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I forgot to add. If you want to know what goes on with the story about Zani and King Sombra's Daughter, the story is similar to Romeo and Juliet, with songs styles Disney's Aladdin in mix.

If that's what you want I mean?
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I just love your "Bride of Discord" and "Daughter of Discord" videos!!! They're so awesome!!! I can't wait for the 8th episode!!! ^^
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